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    Who We Are

    Who We Are And What We Do

    We specialise in rehabilitating consumers who have found themselves in financial distress, either now or in the past. We assist with debt management and debt consolidation, and on the other side of the spectrum we assist with clearing the consumers credit record or clearing the consumers adverse status from the credit bureaux. How do we do all of this? We are a team of highly skilled individuals, who specialize in Debt related problems and finding solutions to overcome and manage your financial problems .


    Debt Review

    • A formal debt restructuring process aimed at assisting consumers that are over-indebted or will be.
    • Applicant and his/her Spouse (if married in c.o.p.) will be flagged/ blacklisted by credit bureaus once the Debt Review process starts.
    • Reflects on credit bureaux until removed
    • All accounts must form part of the Debt Review process.
    • There is no limit on the Debt amount.
    • One monthly amount is paid into Payment Distribution Agency for distribution
    • Court order protection against Assets (House/Bond, Car and Furniture).
    • Legal Fee equals to the instalment provided

    Voluntary Debt Management

    • Informal restructuring of debt.
    • Minimum Installment 50% of your current installment.
    • One monthly amount is paid into attorney trust account for distribution.
    • Not reflected on credit bureau
    • Does not reduce interest rates
    • Can exclude spouse married ICP
    • You are able to stop whenever you feel you have satisfied your budget.
    • Legal fee of R100pm X5 Months only and be protected by an attorney for the rest of your debt repayments.

    Debt Review Removal

    • Every consumer has the right to economic freedom and to have his or her name and record cleared where it has been adversely effected by a Judgment, Debt Review Order, Administration Order.
    • If Your Financial Circumstances have Improved then the Debt Review Process can be Terminated.
    • Rescind the Debt Review Order.
    • Remove Debt Review Flag on Your Credit Record.
    • Start the Debt Review Removal Process Today


    Free Valuable Insight and Advise

    We offer financial assessments and expert advice to manage your debt. You will get a credit report, financial health report and professional advice, all completely free.

    Affordable and Flexible Repayment Plans

    With our vast experience, industry knowledge and the latest technology we can accurately find the most affordable solution for you. The time it will take to repay your debt is flexible and in your control.

    Your Own Specialized Account Managers

    To ensure you are always comfortable, you will have a dedicated team to speak to regarding any queries you may have. Our friendly and experienced staff are here to listen and help you whenever you need them.

    Ethical and Transparent

    We pride ourselves in being open and honest in everything we do. Transparency, honesty & respect is in our DNA.


    »Will I be blacklisted if I choose the debt review or voluntary distribution program?
    If the voluntary distribution option is better for you, then this will not be listed on the records of the credit bureaux at all. Please bear in mind, however, that if you fall in arrears with your debt you may be listed anyway on the records of the credit bureau as a slow payer or Judgment may have been granted against you. Give us a call to guide you with your debt counselling.

    »Who can apply for Debt Review?
    Any consumer who is over-indebted and cannot service their Debt can apply.

    »When can my name be cleared?
    Once you have been cleared of all your debt, your name will be removed.

    »Can I loose my assets if I’m under Debt Review?
    Debt Review can save your home and vehicle. It is therefore important to go under debt review as soon as possible if you are struggling to make payments. It also depends on whether you have received a summons on your vehicle finance or Home Loan.